The DNA of a powerful brand

the DNA of a powerful

Brands contain within them products, which are real and precise connections between ideas, identities, markets, and the customers who purchase them. The DNA of a brand or identity consists of different key aspects, including quantitative numerical, qualitative emotional, basic promise, personality, and philosophy. The DNA of a brand is a structural container of the full identity of a brand, what it is and what it is not. It defines its personality, past, present, future, and evolution.

These 5 elements that make up the DNA of a strong brand are valuable:

  1. Philosophy. What it thinks of itself, the world, and others. Brand humanization.
  2. Profitability structure. A brand is profitable, self-sustainable, and a lucrative business.
  3. Communicative discourse. What it says, who it speaks to, how it speaks, and why it speaks as it does.
  4. Brand identity and history. How did it come into existence? Why did it come into existence? What is it? What is it not? and Where is it going?
  5. Functionality. What function does it fulfill in the market? Why is it here and why? What needs, emotions, and desires does it address?

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