REBRANDING It´s time to look good!

REBRANDING it´s time to look good!

Usually, clients come to us looking to update their product because of outdated or less attractive designs. They have doubts about how to make a greater impact on their audience, expand their market share, and stay ahead of the competition.

However, a change in strategic packaging is not always enough; internal transformation is essential, as the brand must reflect what it is in the present. It is crucial to consider rebranding when the brand has aged, there is an untapped potential market, the environ ment demands it, the business changes, social trends evolve, or when acquiring an existing brand.

When to do rebranding:
• When the brand has aged.
• When it sees an untapped potential market.
• When it is compelled by the environment.
• When the business changes.
• When social trends are updated.
• When acquiring an existing brand.


Our experience allows us to analyze, diagnose, and develop a precise methodology for effective rebranding, focusing on the specific objectives of each case. Diagnosis is crucial and requires a process of self-awareness to highlight the brand’s qualities, strengths, and weaknesses, thereby creating an opportunity for change and internal strengthening. It is essential to adapt to the new changes and challenges of the world and society, as they represent opportunities to move in the right direction.

At Animatic Brand, we are committed to guiding our clients towards the growth of their brand with determination and efficiency.