How to start expanding your brand

How to start expanding

The launch of a brand is the first step in establishing market share. However, conquering the market involves a greater deployment of strategic actions to consolidate this purpose. Any strategy must be aligned with the needs of its audience. Understanding this, sugges tions can range from implementing new formats, sizes, or expanding the variety of flavors.

Generating product extensions that solely focus on increasing companies’ revenue demands generally lead to losing connection with their target audience, and the predictable result is failure. After defining this consumer-focused approach, we must carefully analyze the limitations and scopes that the brand may have, without distorting the purpose that helped them generate preference. Some clients come to us seeking advice because they have expanded their portfolio, and often they find it not only disorganized but also the identity has been manipulated, losing its essence in a poorly managed expansion process.

Animatic Brand applies its Qbrand methodology, which allows us to explore, analyze, and diagnose through a brand audit, the best strategy that can help not only improve expansion but also implement a solid and coherent brand architecture, which orders, defines, and efficiently manages the growth process.