4 keys to an EFFECTIVE packaging design

4 keys to an EFFECTIVE
packaging design

An image is worth a thousand words. And those words fit well in the case of good design. Packaging is a key tool for brand communication, and to achieve good design, three major premises must be considered to stand out, convert sales, and faithfully convey the brand image.

1. Attractive design: Knowing the product’s consumer is essential to reach them. Ideally, conduct a survey among a group of real consumers and take their opinions on social media very seriously.

2. Brand identification: Because the brand has values that connect with its consumers, and the packaging must convey them.

3. Differentiation: it must be different from others, stand out, and convey a change, offering a promise.

4. Environmental solidarity: thhis can convey the company´s values; for example, there is an increasing global awareness of protecting the planet, and many consumers appreciate discovering that the brand they trust is enviromentally friendly.

If you choose to redesign your packaging to increase the value of its image, Animatic Brand can help make it a reality.


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